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Fabrics for your Ercolino


Laneve is the brand of Wools of New Zealand which stands for high integrity. Its origin is not only traceable but also ethically correct and sustainable. Only the first sheer willbe used for the production. This first-sheared-lamb-wool makes sure that the end of each fibre strand is very fine and soft after shearing

Composition: 100% pure new wool, non metallic dyestuffs
Second Nature: renewable and compostable / EU Flower certified
Abrashion resistance: 5 years guarantee / 50.000 Martindale cycles
Width / Weight: 140 cm / 645 g/lin.m.


Recycled Polyester



The cover is made of pure Laneve wool or recycled Polyester. For replacing or cleaning, just release two screws under the seat and remove the cushion. It should be vacuumed and professionally dry-cleaned regulary. The cushion can also be wiped off with a moist cloth alternatively.